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TurboKool  2B-8002  Water Valve, Quick Connector ball valve, 1/4" Tube OD TurboKool  2B-8003 Water System Adapter Kit for 3/8in Pex Tubing Turbokool 2B-0001 White 12 Volt Evaporative Swamp Air Cooler 2B-0001 (Previously Known As Recair)
Turbokool 2B-0002 Black 12 Volt Evaporative Swamp Air Cooler (Previously Known As Recair) TurboKool 2B-0201R Water Spin-Spray Pump TurboKool 2B-0206R Exhaust Grill Assembly (switches not incl.)
TurboKool 2B-0209R Outer cover hood with intake grill. UV protected. TurboKool 2B-1001 Intake Grill for the TurboKool Outer Cover. TurboKool 2B-1003R Filter Element
TurboKool 2B-1006R New Float Valve assembly TurboKool 2B-1008, 5 Blade 10" Fan TurboKool 2B-1810R On-Demand 12-Volt Pump
TurboKool 2B-1820R, 12-Volt Pump, Fittings & Accumulator Tank. TurboKool 2B-1821R, Accumulator Tank & Fittings TurboKool 2B-3003R, 12-Volt DC Motor
TurboKool 2B-4002-10 Upper Body Base Assembly TurboKool 2B-4004 Round Baffle Ring with 2 SS Screws TurboKool 2B-5003 Motor Mount Brackets - set of 3
TurboKool 2B-5007 Exterior Vent Frame TurboKool 2B-6001 Thru Roof 1/4 Water Hose Fitting TurboKool 2B-7000R Set of 6 Upper Motor Mount Bushings With Hardware.
TurboKool 2B-8001R Water Line Tubing - 1/4"OD x 24' Long TurboKool 2B-PL-HA Plumbing & Hardware Pack