In 2005, Velvac started putting the part # on the bottom of the 
                                           convex glass housing of their mirrors.
                               Use image below to help identify your part number.


                  If your RV is 2004 and older, you can email us a picture of your mirrors to
                and Jack will help you with identifying 
               which mirror you need since there will be no part # on your mirror assembly.

                                           How to measure 2020 Style Mirrors.
                                (Example below shows proper way to measure)


                                 Telling the difference between Ramco and Velvac.

         The Velvac Standard Head is the only mirror head that Velvac makes with a center post.

                                        Here is an example of the standard head.

                                                                        Velvac Replacement Standard Mirror Head For Model 2020 Black 1" Post 714575

    If your mirror has a center post and does not look like the standard mirror head above,  
                                        you most likely have Ramco mirrors.